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The VITAL Lubrication & Cooling Lines from SWAG

A combustion engine must operate in a certain temperature window in order to function in its optimal state. To assure a vehicle’s systems are running smoothly, it is crucial to use the correct fluids and chemicals. For example, antifreeze helps protect against extreme temperatures and engine oil assures the correct level of lubrication within the engine. This SWAG VITAL Line also features key cooling components such as radiator fans and coolant tanks, all in OE-matching quality. You can rely on SWAG to assure the smooth running of all systems. Key products include:

  • Oil Pumps, Pans & Plugs
  • Water Pump, Thermostat & Components
  • Radiator Fan, Cap & Hoses
  • Coolant Tanks
  • Engine & Gear Oils
  • Transmission & Hydraulic Fluids
  • Antifreeze & AdBlue


For more information and additional products in the range, please see partsfinder.

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Technical Know-How for You

The bilstein group utilises its strong technical competence with the production of helpful and detailed technical information documents, designed to offer support and best-practice solutions for workshops in the automotive sector.

Such documents include:


Important workshop information which includes technical, installation and product features with helpful hints, best practice and problem solving.


Product-related description which is enclosed within the packaging of the respective replacement part - provides workshops with important information about installation.


Take a look at the SWAG YouTube channel for a wide range of technical instruction videos in multiple languages.

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