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Want to check the oil level in a 5-gear auto gearbox by Mercedes-Benz (722.6)?

Find out in this article how to identify the correct oil level after an auto gearbox repair, flushing or oil change in a gearbox:

To carry out the measurement, we recommend purchasing a dipstick by SWAG or other spare parts suppliers, since the dipstick required for this is not factory-fitted for the Mercedes 5-gear auto gearbox (722.6).

You will find a selection of dipsticks on the SWAG online parts identification tool:

We have described in detail below how to perform the measurement using the dipstick:

  • Park the vehicle horizontally.
  • The filler tube is located in the engine compartment.
  • The locking cap of the filler tube has a safety device to secure it against accidental opening. Break off the disk of the locking pin
  • The locking pin can then be removed and the locking cap unscrewed.
  • If you intend to carry out an oil change, take care when refilling with oil only to pour in approx. 5 litres initially. Then start the engine and run it briefly in P gear..
  • When refilling, only pour the remaining oil in at this point.
  • Briefly change through all the gears several times at idling speed. Then change gear back to P.
  • The gearbox oil level when cold must be between min. and max. on the lower mark range 25 °C (see Fig. 2). Correct the oil level if necessary and measure again.
  • ATTENTION! When checking the oil level, insert the dipstick into the filler tube as far as it will go. The filler tube differs in length as the 5-gear auto gearbox referred to above is used in various Mercedes-Benz models. As a result, part of the dipstick may protrude from the tube although the dipstick has already reached the bottom of the gearbox.
  • Be sure to remove the dipstick after measuring the oil level! The locking cap can be secured with a new locking pin (also available from many spare parts suppliers).


Read our summary regarding the dipstick for the Mercedes-Benz auto gearbox. Click here to open the SWAG solution!


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