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    SWAG cabin air filter flyer 2015/16 edition (SWAG No. 800 1043) now available

    The updated SWAG cabin air filter flyer (SWAG No.800 1043) shows an extension of the filter range to include 308 different products across 110 pages. The alphabetical ordering of  vehicle models makes it possible to rapidly identify the correct filter.

    Of course SWAG leads on combi filter, too. These cabin air filters, with activated carbon elements, provide the best binding of pollutants, like ozone gases and nitrogen oxides. In addition the filter grants a 100% retention of dust and pollen, making it an optimal solution for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

    SWAG also carries transmission oil filters, fuel filters and air filters in the range.

    You can order the updated SWAG cabin air filter flyer as a printed version from Alternatively the flyer can be found as a digital version in our online parts search under


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